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Vintage Malayer Runner 3'3" x 13'4"


Malayer rugs originate from Malayer, located in the southwestern area of the Hamadan Province in western Iran. The semi-nomadic people have shunned the modern ways in favor of using the same techniques and materials that have been used for generations. This region of Iran is sometimes referred to as “the land of grapes” and for this reason you may see it incorporated into the overall design of a Malayer Persian carpet. The rugs are single wefted – also called “Sennah Baft” or Hamadan weave – meaning that there is only one shot of weft between each row of knots. Talented weavers create Malayer rugs using the Turkish knot. They are well constructed of very good wool and range in quality from coarse to finer than a Hamadan Persian carpet.

3'3" x 13'4"

Lead time 8-10 business days.